Fridays on the Fly | 5 Fly Fishing Podcasts You Need to Subscribe To Today

Friday immediately | 5 flying fishing players you need to subscribe today

  The world of podcasts is huge and growing. Nowadays, almost everyone is full of passion. The microphone has been brought to their garage to wax for anyone who has time and interests.

  Fishing is no exception. Check these five popular fishing players, and keep entertainment (and educated) when you stare at the nearest source next time.

  1. Tour the fishingman

  The loyal followers can be traced back to ten years, and the tourist is one of the most hearing fishing players there. It was founded by Fly Fisherman Magazine’s southeast editor Zach Matthews in 2006 and continues to attract new audiences with its useful industry content.


  Listen to the episode of the tour fishing person here!

  2. ORVIS Fly Fishing Guide to Tom Rosenbauer

  Tom Rosenbauer (Tom Rosenbauer) may know the sport than anyone else for more than 40 years. Listen to the secrets behind the most successful and successful flies in the industry.


  To listen to ORVIS FLY FISHING Guide Podcast, click here!

  3. Anchor with April Vokey

  April Vockey established a flying fishing scene in 2007 in Fly Gal Ventures in 2007. Since then, she has continued to dedicate her life to this sport. Now she has hosted the "unpaid podcast series, and is committed to archiving stories and personality of Fly-Fishing’s most influential people."

  April Vokey

  Listen to the latest "Anchor" with April Vokey!

  4. Tenkara actor

  Tenkara is an ancient Japanese fishing method, which is getting more and more popular in the United States. Its minimalist nature (unlike traditional fly fishing Tenkara, only needs flies, lines, and rods) to attract it to novices and experienced professional players. Tenkara Cast Podcast is characterized by Daniel Galhardo’s contemplation. Daniel Galhardo founded Tenkara USA in 2007 and has been promoting its rapid spread since then.

  5. open -air flies

  This relaxed series is called "Narcus, Dancer and Dangdang", Evan Burk, Kirk Werner, Evan Burk in Washington State, and Kirk Werner Chan Derek Young. It involves all the contents of the problems from guide interviews and protection to audience issues and more "spontaneous themes related to teaching skills, gear discussion and bacon -related". enjoy!


  Listen to the latest episode of "Open Fly" here!

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