Fridays on the Fly: 5 Guides Share Their Spring Fly Fishing Secrets

Friday instant: 5 guidelines share their spring fly fishing secrets


  Brother: How can catfish behavior change in early spring and how should the fishingians adjust?

  JG: During the typical year, due to the decreased or melting of any precipitation and any precipitation, the temperature of spring water may fluctuate greatly. Because fish are cold -blooded, they are in line with these changes. The lower the water cooling, the more drowsy the fish becomes. Fishing insects also hatched it into water temperature. This is what you say, looking for the worst and warmer place for the day. This is the most active time of fish and insects.

  Brother: How do you overcome the challenge of early spring fishing?

  JG: Early spring, we began to see more consistent rainfall, add more water to the river, and decreased the water temperature in many days. This may lead to the bottom or log jam at the bottom of the river behind the boulder to avoid the current to save energy.

  However, they still need to feed. This is where some people encounter difficulties in fishing in spring. There are several technologies, and even different devices can help you get odds again. In this case, one of the most important things is division. The position of your flies directly to fish is the most important piece in spring fishing. I suggest to replace the depth of the fly at least 3 times before replacing the flies (adding shooting). You may only have what they want, but if they can’t see it, it doesn’t matter!

  CO: Dragons are a kind of cold water species. However, if the water temperature becomes cold, they will really slow down. In spring, as the temperature and level of water began to rise, the larger insects began to incubate. In spring, because the water level is higher, the fish feels safer, so they will not be so weird and will find a stem fly. In spring, the fishingman should fish larger fishes.

  Brother: Will you recommend any specific bugs or flies patterns in order to fly in early spring?

CO: The main insect cabins we have in Virginia in spring are CADDIS and sulfur, so please try to imitate the person you choose.

Brother: Is there any challenge for early spring flying gifts? How do you overcome them?

CO: Most of the years, most of the challenges that most fishermen will face in spring are high water levels. Carefully wading, and then fishing slowly.

Brother: What are the big spring cabin on the neck of the woods? What should I hope to use the advantages on water to use the advantages?

CO: Sulfur and Cadis Fly are two largest spring cabin mouths. These insects will hatch for most of the days.

Brother: How can catfish behavior change in early spring and how should the fishingians adjust?