Boot Blues


  For some reason, I seem to slowly eat myself through wading equipment: wading, jackets and boots.The part of the gear trilogy I waded will look at the wading boots.The first part of the jacket, my last part will be at the core: the wader itself.


  But this is about boots.



  Since I have been fishing very early, I have been Stokefat’s strong supporters of wading and separate boots.At first, this was not my decision.The first few wades are boots.Cheep plastic.

  But this is my first chlorine rubber in history. I bought a pair of orcs I bought in Straud in San Diego many years ago.The waders and the cheap Chinese fabric boots I chose have disappeared.The memory of this excellent store and its outstanding services still exists … but this is another story.


  The first thing I realized when I bargained was to pay for it was that the wading suddenly became more expensive.Buying wading and boots means coughing more money.I tend to focus on wading and forget the boots.



  It suddenly came to me when Neoprenes sweating in a small shop in Southern California: I have to choose -and pay -a pair of boots!

  It is not surprising that I chose a pair of cheap pairs and paired with some Chinese canvas boots with magic stickers on it.Because of the soft fabric, the boots are very beautiful, light and compressed.


  The combination has been operating well for several years, and created my long -lasting taste of loose boots.

  Since then, I have worn more than a dozen pairs of water-related boots. Considering the time span of about 20 years-it seems very few for some people, while others seem to be very small for others.Essence


  I personally think that the average of about two years for a good pair of water -related boots is too short.I bought hand -sewed shoes before that, and it looked almost as new … almost.I also have a pair of Scarpa Leather Trekking boots, and it has been used for almost ten years. The last pair of outdoor boots of my garbage are cheap supermarket boots, which lasted at least five years in the local market.



  The longer reason for my leather shoes is obvious than wading boots.First of all, I don’t wear leather shoes in the water.Or at least I try not to.Strange shower may be different.

  Boots sometimes wet for a few days.They just have no time to dry, and there is no doubt that water will slowly kill them.

  Secondly, when the shoes enter any type of landscape, I walk evenly on the shoes and have a smooth surface, including shrub bushes, stones and rocks.

  In the end, it is not the least important point that most of my wading is completed in salt water or at least salt water.I often rinse the boots as much as possible, but salt is an extra factor.


  However, I still hope that the wading boots can last more than one season, which is everything I do with wading boots.



  Back to my canvas shoes from Stroud’s.I soon found that these boots were not perfect.First, they are soft.This is an advantage when you pack them in a bag, but when you walk or hiking, it is not good -or the rough bottom of the wading.

  When I fish, I walked a lot -of course in the water, of course, there are coasts and river banks.


  Of course, they will not continue forever.Magic stickers and canvas are not ideal recipe for durable boots.They contain metals.Metal and my Xianjiashui are a bad combination.

  These cheap boots do not have few metals, but the metal wheels on the pants with fabrics through the fabrics must rust.They did it.


  The fabric itself will eventually wear and decay, and the boots collapse.


  Surprisingly, the bottom of the felt is the last thing to yield.But in the end, they also let go, and the boots were ready for garbage.



  My next wading boots are a pair of Grub Creek boots.Really, very good boots.Leather and fluffy leather, perfectly fit, hard sole, exquisite design.A pair of very beautiful boots.

  One of their direct disadvantages is the curse of fluffy: stiff.When the fluffy leather is dried in the water one day, it will hardly harden up.Next time you want to wear them, this is a bit like a struggle to squeeze your feet into a tight space.


  I designed two solutions for this problem: either to dry the boots with wrinkled newspapers to block them, which will make them stiff but spacious, or soak the boots before leaving home.This will soften them enough so that you can slide them into them without hard work.

  The last and the best suggestions are more radical: often go fishing, so that boots will not be completely dry at all!



  Over time, Grub Creek boots will have other problems.The worst is the internal heel, dissolved and worn in the lining, exposed the heel cup-a plastic device, within a few days, they passed through the outer fabric of the club rubber that I was involved in the heel.Rubber itself.

  As you may have guessed, it is not good for waders.I just pulled out the heel cup, so I saved the wading before the wading was completely ruined.

  Boots are also equipped with metal eyes and hook shoelaces, of course, rust and dissolution.

  But it was the death of the leather that caused the boots: one day it was so soft that the large hole was opened, and the boots actually collapsed.



  Before I went to the next few boots, let me stop thinking about what would kill my boots.

  I don’t remember a pair look like myself a year later.The worst case is a serious problem within a few months.A few years later, the average level has collapsed.The best case is a pair, I have used it for nearly four years.They just changed the felt, and now there are some zippers that are difficult to close.Introduce it later.


  I can see several reasons for the death of boots:

  Basically, it is a bad structure, bad material selection and poor work
Wet wet or soft or soft -machine cycle that must be passed by the wading boots
When the boots are wet, use roughly, wading and walking
Poor maintenance, do not completely rinse the boots after every trip
Dry natural materials (that is, leather) too fast

But on the other hand, I have already owned the above leather far foot boots for more than ten years. Even if they did not see salt water, they also saw a lot of actions, rain, snow, snow, rocks, dust and long-distance hiking-and it still looked like it still looked likeIt’s like the day I bought.And I have never done too many things to maintain them.


  I hope my wading boots can do the same thing.



  I inherited a pair of dilapidated Simms boots to replace the stream of disintegration.They have been repaired several times until I have to get some new boots, they are just a past stage.

  Simms is also leather, you know: leather will break.Finally, the rings and eyes of the shoelaces can no longer be replaced when rust.Without leather, alternatives can be entered.


  During this period, a new brand appeared in the market: chota.These new boots have some very pleasant specifications. I give myself a pair of shoes specially designed for walking and wading.The main features of these boots are combined rubber to feel sole.The felt with narrow rubber edges, which can better traction on the surface of non -rock.

  This is the first thing is the first thing.It is just loosened from the boots and wrapped around as a free floating rubber.I returned the boots, and according to the news, the factory’s batch glue was wrong.



  I replaced them with a pair of unsatisfactory felt Soled Chota boots. This is one of the best wading boots in my history.

  These boots are useful for them: the treatment of leather also makes them soft, even after traveling.They are lightweight, but they are strong enough to make some medium and difficult hikes.

  Boots have no rusty metal parts -or seemingly like this.The shoelaces are an excellent elastic speed shoelaces -since then, my fishing friends and I have adapted to many other boots systems.


  But the trees will not grow in the sky because there are problems with these boots.



  First of all, they also have a construction problem for people like me, and they stick the new shoe to the boots.After about a year, the bottom of the felt was worn. I took off the worn soles and glued a new sole.This only means that more serious problems have the opportunity to occur. The worst thing is that when I change the sole, I cut some very important stitching, which means that the main shoe soles are separated from the upper leather.The worst of the second is that the leather finally started to break.The boots collapsed.

  The boots are separated, revealing some basic problems: the metal parts placed in the sole make the boots harden and rust.It is not only rusty like dyeing, but it actually dissolves and decompose into fragments.


  It seems that not only the leather is weakened, but the rubber parts in the boots are also ruptured and collapsed.Death after strong use, death is very dignified, the best I tried.



  I have two pairs of wading boots, which is a fundamental difference: a pair of exposed choppen rubber flat shoes, and a pair of teenage water -related shoes visual copy.

  The first real purpose is to wading tropical apartments, but it also has its limits.They will not be used as a wading boots.


  They are very comfortable, although it is difficult to enter and zipper.When you are wading on the rock, the zipper will be severely beating, which makes it difficult for them to close them.Salt residue can be fixed with zipper oil, and I try to keep them in working.


  I have to reinstall the boots once, but my glue work seems to have done it: the boots have been last for more than four years.This is not the boots I wear every time I travel, but I use at least once or twice a month.


  These visions are my longest wading boots.They showed signs of wear, but it seemed to have been left for many years.



  My latest boots are a pair of Danish Scierra boots, which are classic leather boots with shoelaces and spike soles.They are very comfortable, but a little heavy, which may bother some people.

  They only have a big disadvantage: in the past year, I have them, and the soles have dropped once on the boots, one of which is twice.In a year!This is completely unacceptable.

  Of course I can blame myself for the second time, because I stick to the soles myself, but the first time is the result of the original bad glue Job of the factory.



  My question on Scierras -the sole of the felt without felt -I returned to the "crime scene".A few years ago, I bought my third Chinese canvas boots at the Danish Flight Festival.This model is like the first batch of models I bought in California.These new ones are even cheaper, only to let me return to 200 Dan Yumong people or about $ 40.My bargain!


  I will wear them and visual when waiting for some manufacturers to produce perfect wading boots.