Delta Wading Jacket

  Delta wading jacket was born and built for seasonal waterfowls.Because of its 100 % waterproof and durable 3 layer of GORE-Tex? PRO layer pressure plate, the shell has anti-elasticity, which can ensure that in addition to wear resistance, more breathable and faster drying, it can also be completely waterproof.DWR ended the rain and it would not be moist.Even if the dunk grabs the bait, the water sleeves will keep you dry.The integrated call system is closed or blocked by a magnetic closed bag.

  Weight: 27.2 ounces.// Dimensions LFABric: Waterproof GORE-Tex? PRO layer pressure plate, durable polyester oblique pattern diagonal lines, with organic support.The durable insect repellent drop -off resisting the precipitation and preventing fabrics from moisturizing the face.Enhance the forearm.Allow you to dump your calories when moving.Functional hood: 3 -directionable hoods stay in an appropriate position without hinder your peripheral vision, and the stand -up collar zipper is sealed up to close the draft.The breathable GORE-TEX? PROSHELL fabric has the most hidden in the market.The 3-layer GORE-TEX? PRO fabric uses increased durability to withstand the wear in the environment of Qi AND, while preventing frequent working cycles to prevent extreme and unpredictable conditions.Water -seal cuffs: Magic sticker cushion cuff cuffs sealed water and precipitation.Flat front shell pocket: The roar pocket is close to a quiet magnetic snapshot, easy to accommodate a box of shells, and flatten it when it is empty.Integrated call system: When our call system goes closer or quietly goes out or quietly, the magnetic Tak calls pocket